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Experience Something creative

The desire for the River Exchange is to create a place for spiritual restoration and creative expression because we believe these two go hand in hand. To awaken spiritually is to awaken creatively. The River Exchange will give you opportunities to express yourself creatively through music, art, photography, dance, gardening, cooking, and many other creative expressions.


Experience Something new

Those who come out to the River Exchange will be stepping onto land that holds a grace for new beginnings as the land and its owner have experienced the transforming power of a God who is making all things new. The Journey to the Well Trail will invite you to reflect on your own journey through your past,  into the present where together with God you can dream toward your future.

Experience Something beautiful

The River Exchange inspires beauty as it overlooks the Susquehanna River, the rolling hills of York, and is surrounded by the wonder of nature.  This beauty is a daily reminder of God who set this all in place because He loves us, sees the beauty inside of us, and wants to share in the fullness of life with us.  Our greatest joy will be to see you discover that beauty within yourself and then create beauty wherever you go.

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