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My Story

I am a mother of three fun, adventurous young adults that believes that life is a precious gift that gets sweeter when it is shared. My background in health education, my story, and 20+ years of experience in spiritual care has fueled my belief in the power of a new beginning. My passion is found in photography, outdoor adventure, creative expression, and inspiring people with hope.

I have been working in the arena of health and wellness providing integrative ( whole person) care for the last 5 years through an organization called LivingWell Institute. We empower and inspire people to learn to live well through a lifestyle education program. The River Exchange has been one of our 3 therapeutic environments with a focus on spiritual restoration and creative expression. I offer community-based programs and experiences that fuel the spirit, renew the mind, and restore the body.


The River Exchange Story

The River Exchange is a 61 acre restorative retreat, small event venue and creative agricultural playground overlooking the Susquehanna River in Wrightsville, Pa. After a house explosion in 2014 forced me to start over I realized the importance of facing and then letting go of the past in order to step into something new.  This is the beautiful exchange life continually offers us.

In 2016 I began working at LivingWell Institute in Hershey, Pa and the River Exchange became one of the therapeutic environments for stories to be told, hearts to be restored, and dreams to come alive.  In the Spring of 2020 we began the creation of the Journey to the Well Trail that is now open for anyone.  In the Spring of 2023 the River Exchange was formed as an LLC and we added a multigenerational swing set that overlooks the river and the rolling hills of York.  Our hope is that in 2024 we will plant lavender fields and open up a river retreat guest room for anyone in need of an overnight getaway. We would love to meet you at the river!


Our vision is to create spaces for inspiration, restoration, and celebration. This special place offers a wide variety of both seasonal and year-round programs and activities that include:



  • River Encounter - Monthly gathering for those who want to experience an encounter with God and learn to hear His voice. * Free

  • Fan the Flame - Outdoor fireside gathering where ordinary people who live extraordinary lives are invited to share their stories.  * By donation

  • Creative Experiences -  Creative Expression Workshops, Gardening, Photography Excursions, Art and Cooking Classes.   

  •  Lavender Farm and Community Garden - Coming Soon


  • Journey to The Well Trail - A reflective self guided hike through four inspired spaces where you can process your journey of life through the eyes of your heart.  * By donation

  • River Refuge - Experience the therapeutic benefit that land, water, and sky offer through

    • Sunrise over the River & Journey to the Well Hike   

    • Sunset, Fire, and Stars   

    • Outdoor Group Retreats and Team Building on the Trail  

    • River Retreat Guest Room   

  • Whole Person Health Workshops and Training 



  • Outdoor Event Venue  

  • Worship Gatherings  By donation

  • Family Blessing   Free

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